Monday, June 14, 2010



With the recent surrender to the security services of an elderly female terrorist, aged 77, in the province of Jijel in eastern Algeria, the terrorist groups belonging to the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat –GSPC- operating in the region have lost one of their pillars as this old woman called B. Yamina was of a great help to them in terms of advice, food supplies, laundry and hide-outs. She also acted as a midwife for those pregnant "wives" of terrorists in the mountains.

B. Yamina joined the terrorist groups in late 1994 together with her husband and her 5 children and remained in the mountains at the service of the terrorist gangs there over all these years before deciding recently together with numerous other women to give themselves up to the security forces to flee what they termed the terrorists' lunacy, subjugation and horrendous practices.

Another elderly female terrorist aged 62 and called Hadda known as H. Cherifa also decided to quit the terrorist hide-outs in the Jijel region and to surrender to the security services. This woman was also of a significant assistance to the terrorist groups in several fields.

She joined the then Islamic armed group "GIA" in 1994 together with her husband "B. Ismail", her daughter Djamila aged 22 and her 3 sons, Athmane, Djamel Eddine, and Riadh aged respectively 18, 21 and 26. She had refused to leave the mountains after the killing several years ago of her husband and her son Athmane in the Kissir area in the Aouana municipality south of the province of Jijel.

Authorized sources told "Echorouk" that up to 40 female terrorists had given themselves up to the security forces in the region in the hope of benefiting from the clemency measures contained in the national charter of peace and national reconciliation.

These repentant women were accompanied by about 120 of their children during the surrender operation.