Wednesday, June 9, 2010


*** I met many legitimate students just trying to learn Arabic from Syria and Yemen. Those idiots who abuse such an honour (not suggesting that is the case here) make it difficult for students to learn the beautiful language and to access the sources of Islam as they deserve to be.

The Bin Laden worldview of Jihad Jihad Jihad is hindering people from coming to know Allah - which is a crime against Your Lord. MS ***


Sanaa to deport woman linked to Qaeda: Australia

Yemen is to deport an Australian woman arrested last month along with her two young children, Canberra said yesterday. Shylogh Giddens, a convert to Islam who was detained last month over suspected Al Qaeda links, according to her lawyer, will return to Australia this week with her children aged five and seven. “It’s been agreed between Australia and Yemen that together with her children she will be deported from Yemen by the end of this week and she will return to Australia,” Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said. “In the meantime she continues to receive consular support from Australian officers who have gone to the Yemen.”