Sunday, September 19, 2010


*** Missing teeth? That would assume it HAD teeth to begin with!

The travesty of having a federal police force that killed a man (a white man on top of that) who had just arrived in Canada, lied about it from the get-go, conspired in the making of notes, tried to confiscate a bystander's camera who had recorded it, resisted efforts to charge the officers, have federal officers lie to a judge in an inquiry (Braidwood) and continue to support them --- is enough to tell any sensible, responsible administrator that there IS no watchdog, let alone one "missing" teeth. MS ***

OTTAWA - The former head of the RCMP watchdog says the body would still lack the bite needed to fully investigate scandals like the Maher Arar affair under recently tabled legislation.

Paul Kennedy says a long-awaited bill intended to modernize the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP gives the top Mountie and Public Safety minister too much room to meddle in sensitive probes.

Kennedy, who was commission chair for four years, says the bill tabled in June would give the complaints boss only limited access to the information he needs to see.

The current watchdog is widely seen as wanting because it does not have complete access to information in RCMP files, and it lacks the power to review or audit the police force's programs and policies.

The bill tabled by the Conservatives would give the commission greater access to RCMP information and beef up its investigative arsenal, including the power to compel witnesses, evidence and materials.

But Kennedy argues the legislation is so riddled with loopholes it could leave the watchdog in the dark.