Friday, September 3, 2010


*** So the listening devices in his home that were planted to obtain evidence of terrorism offences were instead used to convict him on domestic assault charges? Ummm...okay I guess. Let's hope they treat ALL domestic assault cases like this one. MS ***

Andrew Seymour, Postmedia News · Friday, Sept. 3, 2010

OTTAWA — A man arrested but never charged in connection with an Ottawa terror investigation has been released on consent of the Crown.

Awso Peshdary was released Friday on several strict conditions, including that he reside with his sister and father, who each posted $4,000 bonds. He must also not apply for a passport, must stay away from his wife and infant child, and must not possess any weapons or explosives.

Mr. Peshdary said in a quiet voice he understood the conditions. If he fails to follow them, he could face up to two years in jail and his sureties would lose the bond money.

His conditions also include to stay away from his wife’s family, including her mother. He must also stay away from her place of employment, residence and place of worship.

After seeking to have Mr. Peshdary kept in custody on Sunday, Assistant Crown attorney Julie Scott said the Crown had time to review the file and would consent to his release.

No further charges would be filed, she said.

“There is no information Mr. Peshdary is in possession of any weapons and the Crown is of the view he can be released,” said Ms. Scott. She said the couple had been together a year-and-a-half and prior to Peshdary’s arrest there had been no complaints of domestic violence.

He has no criminal record, Ms. Scott said. She added there is a “safety plan” in place for Mr. Peshdary’s wife.

Court heard Mr. Peshdary is accused of twice assaulting his wife, whose name is protected by a publication ban.

The more serious of the alleged incidents occurred Aug. 10, when he allegedly pushed his wife in the throat, causing her to feel choked, according to the Crown.

He also allegedly pushed her in April. Both times he allegedly threatened her.

There was no mention of any connection to the Ottawa terror investigation that resulted in his arrest last Friday. He spent a week in custody before the Crown changed course.

Earlier this week it was revealed prosecution evidence in the domestic assault case came from microphones planted by police in his house.

It isn’t clear how long the Mounties were listening to conversations from the Peshdary home, but two of the charges date to April.

Mr. Peshdary has been at the centre of a bizarre legal roller-coaster since being arrested early last Friday morning on his way to work.

After a six-hour interrogation, the RCMP released him into the custody of Ottawa police, who charged him with one count of assault and one count of uttering a threat.

He was granted bail by Justice of the Peace Ray Switzer on Saturday but immediately re-arrested before he had a chance to leave the court building.

He was then charged on two more counts and on Sunday was ordered held in custody by Switzer until Tuesday.

The three other suspects arrested last week in the police anti-terrorist investigation known as Project Samossa — Hiva Alizadeh, 30, Misbahuddin Ahmed, 26, and Khurram Syed Sher, 28 — are being held at an Ottawa detention centre. Mr. Sher has another court appearance Friday afternoon to set a date for his bail hearing. Mr. Ahmed’s bail hearing is set for Sept. 15. A bail hearing for Mr. Alizadeh has not been set.

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