Monday, November 9, 2009


I remember first learning about Remembrance Day through the Army Cadets and so understood why the purpose of the assembly in high school.

I remember tagging for poppies outside of the Dominion and other grocers in those snowy December nights in our cadet uniforms. Thank God for those full-length wool coats!

I remember Remembrance Day parades, when we would march in the streets with everyone else, the bagpipes constructing a melody that made you want to march all day.

I remember hearing those bagpipes play "Amazing Grace" in the Church and raising the hairs of the back of my neck to attention. I was not bothered at all with the fact I was Muslim - I was moved by it.

I remember talking to the very old men, their chests splayed with medals and tales of heroism, of cowardice, of fear and of hope.

I remember those brave souls who went into the horrors of war, only so that you and I could have what we enjoy now: free health care, roads, sewage systems, and the other delights of civilized, advanced society.

I remember - so Lest We Forget.