Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Anwar Awlaki is acting contrary to the example of the Prophet of God - as is every single one who thinks by rebellion and war alone, will Muslims gain dignity, honour and power.

For CENTURIES, Muslim theologians were also the scholars of philosophy, medicine, sociology and so on. Today, only a handful of (traditionally-trained) Muslim scholars can engage the works of Plato and Aristotle. Heck, some say to even learn philosophy is blasphemy - and they have the decapitated heads to prove it.

I agree we should go back into the Golden Age of Islam but that supposes we are masters of knowledge, faithful to God and respectful of all humanity. Peace, Justice - this is what Islam calls for. Jihad was supposed to be a means to an end - not the very goal we strive for. But what would Allah know about that right?

For CENTURIES, Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in peace and harmony and created an environment in which great learning spread through the lands. Jewish linguists took great benefit from the scholars of Arabic language. Christians took back with them, the very philosophical foundations of the Enlightenment (all of the major Enlightenment scholars are post Muslim Spain).

Today, this environment is found only in the West we love to condemn. True, it has its failings but that is a part of the human experience. Stop trying to push this idea of a magical, Islam-land in which everyone is like the Sahaba. That is NOT the reality.

These great things that Muslims achieved in those centuries was a direct result of what Islam taught them. The Crusades were not called for by Muslims and every historical account shows Muslims acted far more justly than the Christian Crusaders. Need we cite the magnanimity of Salahuddin Al Ayyubi during this period? We look to him only as a General who routed the Christians and recaptured Jerusalem yet we forget HOW he did it: high moral ground folks. Richard the Lionheart was most impressed with him. Read about the Knights Templar and how much respect they had for their Muslim opponents. THOSE were days of chivalry and honour - today, we put cooking pots with explosives in it - blow up 10 Muslims to kill one Infidel and we call it Jihad?! How about you FEED the people with those pots? Crazy idea, I know.

Let's go right back to the originator of the Great Example: after years of torture and persecution by the pagan Arabs, and even after he was in a position of superiority over them, what did Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) do when he returned victorious to Mecca?

Did he slay everyone? Did he kill their children? Destroy their crops? Their buildings? The stables for their animals? Did he then go on a killing spree of every non Muslim?

"Go - you are free" is what everyone knows from the reliable Islamic sources. He gave amnesty to one of his worst enemies, Abu Sufyan.

Now you know why he was called Mercy to the Worlds - why his number one quality was trustworthiness and not deception, honesty not propaganda, love not hate.

Today, so-called "Shuyukh" like Anwar al-Awlaki feed Muslim minds with emotion; with ideas that sound very Islamic but are totally against the example of our human role model. Teaching our youth to go and fight instead of making something in which ALL people in the world can benefit. Where are our masters of science? Where are those wonders of poetry, of math, of trade?

They blew themselves up yesterday in Jihad - they were still only in their 20's. You are sending boys to be killed for only one reason: you are not man enough yourself.

Anwar Awlaki, I ask you: how do you think Ft. Hood's attack benefits the Deen of Allah? How does peace come upon the earth by these actions? There are millions of us living in the West who have this crazy idea that people should come to know Allah - Who He is and what He expects from us, "..in a way that is kind and just".

Anwar Awlaki: Repent and reflect on the error of this death-cult of perpetual jihad against everyone, everywhere, at all times by self-righteousness labels of who is a murtad, a munafiq and a kafir as if Hudhayfah Ibn Al Yaman's list is in your hands.

You prevent people from knowing Allah and that is a crime I find you guilty of.


*** As of Dec.17, 2009, reports indicating Anwar Awlaki has been killed by a drone strike are premature. MS ***