Saturday, October 9, 2010


*** I wish Christians would stand up more in defence of the Christ instead of permitting for such vile depictions in the name of "art". Attack the Church all you want - but leave Jesus out of it.

We have this twisted understanding of "secularism" as if it means "no religion" - which it does not. It simply means the "Church" (meaning any institution of religious decrees) does not make the laws and is instead subject to those laws.

It does NOT mean "no religion" - it does NOT mean faith practice is to be attacked and ridiculed - it does NOT mean overt signs of faith practice are to be condemned - it does NOT mean we try to pretend faith is not an integral part of many people's lives. This forced a-religiousness will only result in rebound religiosity and instead of suppressing it, CELEBRATE it. Christians: stand up for the Christ - speak out against blatant insult, it is your RIGHT. MS ***

WINNIPEG (CBC) - A Montana woman is alleged to have driven 1,500 kilometres from Montana to a museum in Loveland, Colo., so she could rip up a controversial piece of art featuring Jesus.

Kathleen Folden, a 56-year-old truck driver, is charged with criminal mischief in the case.

Witnesses said she shouted "How can you desecrate my Lord?" as she used the crowbar to smash glass shielding the print at the Loveland Museum Gallery and then tore part of the canvas.

Folden appeared in court Thursday and was released on bail of $350 US.

A judge granted her permission to leave the state so she can keep working as a truck driver while she waits for her next court date.

The collage by Enrique Chagoila has been denounced by church members as obscene as it includes a head of Jesus and a woman's body engaged in a sex act.

Church members had been picketing peacefully outside the gallery, asking that the artwork be taken down.

Now it appears they will get their way, after city officials said Thursday they will not hang the work again because of safety concerns.

The incident Wednesday was "very troubling" said acting city manager Rod Wensing.

Curator Maureen Corey condemned the attack and admitted the controversy has helped boost visits to the museum.

"In my opinion, it's rather sad taking away people's freedom to see the art," Corey said.

Chagoya, a Stanford University professor who created the work, titled The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals, denied the work suggests Jesus having sex.

His 12-panel lithograph is a collage that includes comic book characters, Mexican pornography, Mayan symbols and a skeleton with a pope's hat.

"What I'm trying to express is the corruption of the spiritual by the church," Chagoya said.

He said the decision not to display the work again amounts to suppression of art.