Thursday, July 1, 2010


*** Where are all them 'ban-the-hijab-in-school-because-we're-secular' types? It is no different when one day we argue over freedom of speech to offend - but when we're offended, we look to impose a ban. Is that a cake I see you trying to eat? :)

The suit was brought by an Athiest for the record. MS ***


WINNIPEG (CBC) - The European Court of Human Rights began reconsidering Wednesday a controversial ruling that crucifixes be removed from Italian classrooms.

The original ruling by the Court in Strasbourg in November 2009 said crucifixes on school walls could disturb children who were not Christians.

The decision prompted anger in the Vatican as well as an uproar in Italy where such icons are a common sight.

The court is revisiting the decision at the request of the Italian government.

Soile Lautsi, an Italian national, launched the original case, complaining that her children had to attend a public school in northern Italy that had crucifixes in every room.

She said that ran counter to her right to give her children a secular education.