Tuesday, May 18, 2010


*** So by the current burka-ban logic, if something happens to a woman because of her clothing, she deserved it? Where have I heard that before? The police should make an example in this case, lest it start getting out of hand.

This just proves that hypocritical, ignorant and deliberately inciteful rhetoric causes violence. As to the sheer emptiness of the claims of 'Muslim-woman-liberation' for the purposes of banning the veil (should've stuck to the 'govt.s-right-to-identity') it is the woman who is physically assaulted. I'm sure these Muslim women are flocking to your liberation now. Truth is, you've just forced the extremists to keep them indoors at all times, assuming that is what you think is going on. That veil-wearing woman was no immigrant, she was a French convert herself - think about that.

This is not the way to go about this subject. Like President Obama said, 'we will never be at war with Islam'. That's right, because 'Islam' - a great world civilization - is alive in well in our own public institutions and runs deep in ways that we should stop and reflect, what that means.

See my post on the Islamic State of America - therein we see a much better understanding of what Islam is about - and alive and well. :)

FROM: http://news.aol.ca/ca/article/france-reports-first-case-of-burka-rage/19481820?icid=main|canada|dl1|link4|http%3A%2F%2Fnews.aol.ca%2Fca%2Farticle%2Ffrance-reports-first-case-of-burka-rage%2F19481820

A fight between two female shoppers in a clothing store has led to France's first case of "burka rage."

Punches flew after a female lawyer took offence to a fellow shopper's Islamic veil, police close to the case told the London Telegraph. A 26-year-old Muslim convert confronted the 60-year-old woman when she heard the lawyer making "snide remarks about her black burka," as she walked through a store in Trignac, near Nantes.

Check the link........sorry folks, there are no pics of the scrap. :)