Monday, February 22, 2010


*** The #1 organization that should be policed more than any other - IS the police. Of all the police agencies that do have oversight (like TPS and the OPP through the SIU - as well as various internal mechanisms) the RCMP - while still commanding great respect for the most part - has proven to be ineffective and lacking credibility when it comes to investigating their own members.

Without a proper oversight body, the RCMP can effectively do what it likes without any real apprehension of sanction. This is the absolute antithesis of policing in an advanced, democratic state like Canada and should be repaired immediately for the sake of our national honour and for the sake of the credibility of the RCMP itself. It may be you dislike a thing but in fact, it is good for you. MS ***


OTTAWA - Liberal members of a disbanded Senate committee have taken the unusual step of publishing a position paper while the Commons is shut down, recommending sweeping changes to the RCMP.

The paper by Liberal members of the Senate security and defence committee says rebuilding the national police force "makes far more sense than trying to stuff more people in Canada's already overstuffed jails."

Entitled "Toward a Red Serge Revival," the paper says any reputable criminologist knows good crime prevention is far more effective than sending more people to prison for longer stretches.

The paper acknowledges there's an RCMP reform process underway but it warns that if that process doesn't work, Canadians are in for more horror stories about the decline of what it calls a national treasure.

The Senators say they believe RCMP transformation is endangered and that genuine reform is unlikely unless some key changes are made.

They're calling for better oversight of the RCMP, more women and minorities on the national force, more money to expand its membership, and strong leadership from within its ranks.

The full Senate committee examined RCMP transformation for a year but its members failed to agree on a report before Parliament was prorogued until March.

Senator Colin Kenny, the committee longtime chair, says the six Liberals believe RCMP reform is too important for the government to stall it any longer.

"The RCMP needs to get moving if the public trust is to be restored," said the committee. "We sincerely hope that this paper helps stimulate that process."