Wednesday, January 13, 2010



BRAMPTON, Ont. — A Brampton, Ont., court is hearing about the intricate plans of an accused Toronto 18 member who said a terror attack would shut down Canada, leaving blood, glass and debris everywhere.

Shareef Abdelhaleem, 34, has pleaded not guilty to participating in a terror group and intending to cause an explosion.

He and 17 others were charged in an alleged plot to bomb targets around Ontario in 2006.

A former friend turned informant is testifying in court today that Abdelhaleem said an attack would be the battle of Toronto as explosions detonated outside the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Shaher Elsohemy said the bomb would have been strong enough to blow up three city blocks.

Elsohemy spoke about meetings that took place in local coffee shops and restaurants, and testified that Abdelhaleem described the terror attack as "the perfect crime."

"Then he goes on to say this plot will screw Stephen Harper, the government and the military," Elsohemy told the court.

Abdelhaleem had considered being out of the country at his sister's place when the attacks happened.

Elsohemy testified that by being out of the country during that time, Abdelhaleem thought he would be assisting with the attack but not performing the attack.

"If he did not drive the truck he was not a performer," said Elsohemy, describing how Abdelhaleem predicted he would end up in prison in Kingston, Ont., for about ten years.

"He also said Kingston would be full of black Muslims and these guys would consider him (their) leader," said Elsohemy.

Elsohemy said Abdelhaleem thought he would come out of prison at 40 and still be able to have a family.

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