Thursday, October 8, 2009


In light of the unnecessarily hostile and misleading Wikipedia entry on myself, Mubin Shaikh, I submit that I have found Wikipedia and other web-based knowledge constructs to be subject to many enormities of factual distortion and even disinformation as Wikipedia operates according to the principle of "verifiability" not "accuracy". This means if somebody wrote it somewhere, you can quote it.

This rule has allowed for the article under "Mubin Shaikh" to cloud the issue as to what is truly important for the public to know. Rather, it reads more as a tabloid posting that I am unable to properly respond to given the slavish desire to protect the integrity of our (relatively) fair and balanced adversarial system, I would want to inhibit the accused from getting a fair shaikh. :)

In regards to my understanding of the publication ban, I have not included any evidence that is not already in the public sphere on this "blog". We live in an age where information (and access to it) abounds. We have debates over how much of it can be policed and which part(s) of it may be subject to state regulation vis-a-vis the internet. Only recently has the journalist bar of ethical reporting been "adjusted" and only then by Supreme Court intervention. Therefore, any information released thus far is with the intention to be acting in the public interest and in the interest of "truth" as it relates to events surrounded this case.

UPDATE: Fahim Ahmed plead guilty on y May 3, 2010 but the press was allowed to report on this development only today (Monday May 10, 2010). This leaves only two others remaining. The trial is expected to conclude in the very near future. According to the stated ideals of our justice system, the accused are assumed innocent until proven guilty.


As to "Unfair Dealing - The Toronto Homegrown Terror Threat" by Josh Weingarten, the facts as they stand in the case developments thus far (convictions and guilty pleas) refute the overwhelming majority of the documentary's criticism against the case. The skepticism expressed is not a reasonable one but rather, extreme.

So also, "The Toronto 18 Frame-Up" by Prof. Keefer, an alumni of Kingston Military College and Professor of English at Guelph University. He is a specialist in Renaissance literature and early modern philosophy, having published widely on contemporary cultural and political issues.

I suggest that Prof. Keefer has put the cart before the horse by way of circular reasoning and has being determined from the outset to fit the Toronto 18 case into preconceived notions that are steeped in conspiracy theories. Again, developments in the case thus far have rendered the overwhelming majority of his narrative; fiction.

Thank you,

Mubin Shaikh